Wonderful Place to Live!

This is a great place to live for a number of reasons. First, there’s the staff that have gone out of their way to help me a number of times. Last winter I had a bad battery and I couldn’t get my car started. There was no one around to give me a jump. I felt really out of place calling the office for help but I didn’t know what else to do. So I called, Jessica answered and Mike came over with a portable battery starter. We hooked everything up and it just didn’t work, so Mike went and got the Stuart Co. truck and started my car. The staff have done a number of out of the way things for me and I really appreciate it. Second, the grounds. This summer it has been just gorgeous and how beautiful are those fir & pine trees after a fresh snow fall. It’s like living in a beautiful park. Third, a shout out to my fellow tenants. They are almost universally warm, friendly and helpful. I could go on but I think it’s pretty clear that I really like this place. It’s my home!


Genesee: Very Nice, Friendly Staff. Enjoyable

I would say it is worth the price for the comfort and safety of the secure and warm buildings. I would also let them know that it is still an apartment atmosphere so understand that no amount of money will ensure the apartment is completely quiet and free from night-time pool/party go’ers.

Genesee Apartments and Townhomes

Eagle Creek: I Love Them

I love the housing amenities. I feel so at home there. I like the community of neighbors and I really just like it a lot. I like that we can have our pets with us and there is no issue with them.. I haven’t heard a neighbor while inside my home. My place stayed very very warm in the cold weather and we hardly had the heat on… so far I’m loving it

Eagle Creek Townhomes

Carver Lake: I Love My Townhome- I Really Can Call This Home Now.

It is a respcectable, safe neighborhood. I would say that they care about what happens to us as tentants not only our material needs but social needs. I am thankful for our maintenance crew-there knowledge and their proficient. I am also thankful for to warm and open communication we are now recieving from the Property Manager and office staff who are trying to make improvements and welcome our suggestions and our questions. And finally these homes are in an excellent location access to major highways, the lake and much more.

Carver Lake Townhomes