E-street Flats: A Quiet Environment Perfect For Studying

Schooling is a large part of my life right now, and studying is something I take very importantly. The study lounge is perfect place to get homework done. I’ve had no complaints about noise in regards to trying to sleep or study. Free wifi and cable is an added benefit and everyone that lives here is extremely friendly.

e-street flats

E Street Flats: I Love E Street!

Living at E Street Flats is one of the best living experiences that I have had during my college experience. Living in the dorms was fun and a cool experience, but there’s nothing like living in your own apartment. The rent is cheap compared to many of the off-campus housing options, especially since it includes all of your utilities and cable/internet. I love it. I would live here forever!

E Street Flats

E street flats: Wonderful Place To Live!

Living at E Street has surpassed all my expectations. The flats are amazing and are very well done. The community is wonderful and the fact that management puts on events for us to get to know each other is great! I will recommend E Street to any and every student who is looking for a good place to live. It is also within walking distance of a pharmacy, target, caribou, and many other places in Shoreview. I LOVE it here!

E Street Flats