Genesee: A Community Of Its Own, And A Warm Feeling Throughout!

Maryann and Catherine are the best team, and I’m so honored to be a part of it. Genesee is the best place to live, and you guys keep this place beyond amazing and im so thankful for that. Im thanking you two and the Genesee team for the love you push forward daily into your residents and keeping us all a warm and happy Genesee family!

Genes Apartments and Townhomes

Northpointe: I Like the Diversity and Security I Feel. The Staff is Great and Appears to be Concerned about Its Residents

There are many things to do and options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While I’d like to see more activities for kids, (Indoor play area), I am thankful for the start of the activity area for children. Many more children have come to Northpointe and there are only a few area to play. The back lawn has become a football field. Perhaps between the play area and the tennis court a basketball court can be put up using the key to get in. : )

Northpointe Apartments

Carver Lake: I Love My Townhome- I Really Can Call This Home Now.

It is a respcectable, safe neighborhood. I would say that they care about what happens to us as tentants not only our material needs but social needs. I am thankful for our maintenance crew-there knowledge and their proficient. I am also thankful for to warm and open communication we are now recieving from the Property Manager and office staff who are trying to make improvements and welcome our suggestions and our questions. And finally these homes are in an excellent location access to major highways, the lake and much more.

Carver Lake Townhomes