York Plaza – Proud to Call it My Home!

I just moved here from Boston with my mom and we rented sight unseen. Sue was my agent and we love our place and the service that we got! Any issues that needed attention were taken care of immediately and pleasantly. John, Lacey and Sue are wonderful and we love our quiet apartment! Our neighbors are friendly and we love all the dogs (as do our dogs) and the dog area. It’s a great place to live that is close to everything and I am proud to call it my home.

The Staff at One Southdale Place are All Very Friendly, Responsive and Professional!

The staff at One Southdale Place are all very friendly, responsive and professional. My family and I are new to Minneapolis and the amenities that the building offer have made the transition so easy. They deliver large packages to the apartment door. The parking garage is GREAT! The lobby area is welcoming and I especially love the free Starbucks coffee and hot cocoa!

Genesee – Not Just an Apartment – it’s My Home!

Genesee is not just an apartment – it’s my home! And the people who work here are not just caretakers, they are part of my extended family! I’ve lived in many apartment settings over the past decade, in three other states as well as MN, and I have never found a place to live quite like Genesee. Without a doubt – this is the best!

Parkside – The FRIENDLIEST, Most HELPFUL, and CARING Staff That You Will Ever Meet

I have almost lived here at Parkside Apts for a year. It is a year that has gone by so quickly, that I hardly believe it’s been that long. From the day I moved in, I knew this place was going to be different than other apts I had lived at. The first thing that I thought was a very nice touch was the pizza in the freezer, 2 liter of pop in fridge and the pizza cutter on the counter with a note from Parkside welcoming me to my new place. What a thoughtful touch. My last apt they gave me a chip holder. What a world of difference! Let me back up a bit. I’m in a wheelchair and so the apt I was viewing was a handicapped accessible one.There were a few things that could have been adjusted to make life a little easier. Even by the time I moved in, they had already taken care of these. It was the same with the move in checklist. There wasn’t anything major on there, so I figured if they got around to it in a week or so, that would be fine. That’s what I had come to expect from the different places I had lived. No, they were there the day after I moved in and took care of everything!

Their attention to making sure that everything is fixed in a timely manner and the cleanliness of their building is unbelievable. As I had mentioned, I’m in a wheelchair. Well, each time we’ve had a snowfall, I can’t believe how quick and the number of times they have been out there shoveling and putting ice melt down. Even at 1 in the morning! It sure makes my life easier. The last place I lived, which I’d like to mention was a senior complex, took them at least a couple of days before they would shovel.

I most definitely also need to mention the office staff, maintenience staff, and everyone employed here at Parkside. They are the most FRIENDLIEST, HELPFUL, and CARING staff that you will ever meet. All of them are always willing to go that extra mile to make sure that whatever you are in need of, that it’s taken care of. Much KUDOS to all of you. The last thing I feel needs to be mentioned is the activities that Parkside has put on. For a complex this size to provide food at their bbqs they have done is unbelievable. They also have promoted some very good charitable events including being a drop site for toys for tots and a drive to collect school supplies for underprivileged kids among numerous other things. I could sit here and continue to list more of what has made this such a great place to live, but it would go on forever. I truly hope the staff win a free lunch, for that is the least of what they deserve for all their effort and hard work that they put into every day. I hope that there are more of you that take the time, even if it’s just a few minute blurb, to tell your great experiences also, cause I know that there are more of you out there that feel the way I do. All I know is that I look forward to many more happy years here at Parkside. Thank you for all that you do in allowing me to call this place home.

Parkside – By Far The Best Apartments!

The Parkside Apartments are by far the best apartments I have lived in! The management team is great; they knew my name within a week of me living there! They are extremely helpful and help to make the complex feel like a community. The location is also perfect! Right by restaurants, shopping, and plenty of activities. I really enjoy living here and would recommend it to anyone who asks!

Hopkins Plaza – Price & Location Especially Remarkable

This apartment complex is so close to a park and ride (right across the street) and a Chipotle (just a block away). Bike trails, a movie theatre, and groceries are all minutes (by foot or car) away, making the price and location especially remarkable.

This apartment complex is so close to a park and ride (right across the street) and a Chipotle (just a block away). Bike trails, a movie theatre, and groceries are all minutes (by foot or car) away, making the price and location especially remarkable.

It isn’t the fanciest building to look at, but it’s well-maintained, safe and comfortable.”