The View at Long Lake- Carefree Lifestyle

After years of home ownership, I now wanted to finally build our dream home. But my wife had other ideas: She wanted to move into a very nice luxury apartment and enjoy a more carefree lifestyle without the hassles and responsibilities of ownership, allowing us more freedom for job focus, travel, and family fun. 

I finally agreed to try apartment living for a year. After months of looking throughout the Twin Cities, we settled on The View at Long Lake. After just three weeks I said “I’m never leaving this place!” 

After over three years we still feel like we’re at a nice resort/spa without having to live out of a suitcase. Whether your interest is in book club, cooking class, kick boxing, yoga or happy hour, this community has something you’ll enjoy. Serene lakefront wooded nature walks or bike trails in one of the Twin City’s leading regional parks begin right next to our swimming pool. 

Apartments are large, very well-designed and exceptionally soundproofed. 

The professional  staff at The View is over the top in so many ways.

 We really couldn’t ask for more and plan to continue enjoying this carefree lifestyle for years to come!

Greenfield: Awesome Apartments

This is a great place to live in the Minnetonka/Hopkins area. If you are looking for a safe, quiet place to live in the area, this is the place for you. These apartments are literally soundproof. The updated apartments on the 3rd floor are very nice and I love the new appliances and vaulted ceilings. The maintenance responds faster than I’ve ever seen at other places and the staff is very friendly and helpful. They really care about their residents. Love all the amenities too – underground parking, the gym, pools, and plenty of outdoor parking for guests. Love that pets are allowed here too. Overall this is a great and pleasant place to call home!

Greenfield Apartments

Greenfield: Feels Like Home

I have lived in the Greenfield apartments for almost 6 months and I absolutely love living here. I cannot begin to describe how well each apartment has been soundproofed. I live next door to a baby that I have occasionally seen crying in the hallways, but I have never heard it while inside my apartment. The only part of the apartment that isn’t soundproofed is the door… you can occasionally hear carts in the hallway, but it’s not a big disturbance by any means. I don’t live in one of the renovated apartments, but everything is well-maintained and quite sturdy. The washer and dryer in my unit are old school but work better than some of the newer machines I’ve used… don’t be put off by the look! The apartment was very clean when we moved in, and Greenfield even took the time to turn on our air conditioning (it was HOT outside), stock our refrigerator with some water and PowerAid, and even put a frozen pizza in the freezer! We never would have thought of these things, but we were extremely thankful after a long day of moving. In general, their service has continued at this level as they are quick with maintenance and questions. I would highly recommend Greenfield. It is a wonderful place to live and call home!

Greenfield Apartments