Southwest Gables- A Place to Call Home

I wanted a place where we could feel safe. [Assistant Property Manager] Tabitha took me up to a second floor apartment. I was impressed by the controlled entry system.

Once we opened the door to the apartment, it was love at first sight, and I knew this was it and would become my eventual home. The laundry room containing a full-size washer and dryer was my favorite room- no more weekend trips to the laundromat!

Six years later, I am still calling Southwest Gables my home. My two cats have adopted the fireplace as their own heat source, and my apartment is known as “Grandma’s Place,” where a ride on the elevator takes you to a spare room full of toys. I cannot imagine another apartment that can equal what we have at Southwest Gables. This is home.

Northpointe: I Like the Diversity and Security I Feel. The Staff is Great and Appears to be Concerned about Its Residents

There are many things to do and options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While I’d like to see more activities for kids, (Indoor play area), I am thankful for the start of the activity area for children. Many more children have come to Northpointe and there are only a few area to play. The back lawn has become a football field. Perhaps between the play area and the tennis court a basketball court can be put up using the key to get in. : )

Northpointe Apartments

Carver Lake: Love The Location, Security and Amenities!

Proximity to trees, ponds, walks in the woods here is wonderful. Already I have enjoyed watching the wildlife out my back window. Kai, Janet, Mike, and Travis have all been helpful, and have gone above and beyond to be helpful. The neighbors I have met so far seem genuinely nice. The welcoming attitude for pets is a relief and makes one feel more at home. Life here so far has been a lovely, private, secure experience. Can’t wait for Spring and the big thaw so I can explore the area more and enjoy the grounds, walking paths, and pool. (LOVE having a dog park here, it was the deciding factor in choosing a place to live.)

Carver Lake Townhomes