Woodridge: Home is Where You Feel Like a Family

I have never in my life lived where I felt that I belong. The sense of family and community are perfect for my daughter and I. The entire staff are helpful and friendly. Honestly if you’re looking for a nice place to call home, this is the place for you. At times the hallways are a bit smelly from the animals, but as soon as you call, it’s taken care of. Yes you can hear your neighbors at time. But just normal for apartments. Very safe, secure and otherwise quiet.

Woodridge Apartments

One Southdale Place: Empty-Nesters and Relocated

We are empty-nesters and relocated to One Southdale Place early 2015. I was initially concerned about the size of our space being less than 1000 ft.² after leaving our 3000 square-foot home, however with the wonderful layout and floor-to-ceiling windows it feels much larger. There are plenty of cabinets and closets spaces. I am so happy that our traditional furniture fit so nicely into the space. I initially thought we would need to buy more contemporary furniture but didn’t need to replace any of our former items. The people are so friendly the security is excellent the complementary yoga classes are fun and the community areas including the gym are beautiful. The maintenance staff is attentive and respectful. Looking forward to spring so we can use the grills and summer so we can enjoy the pool and the rooftop deck.

One Southdale Place

e-street flats: A Comfortable Home

“E Streets Flats Is Comfortable Home To Me. Everyone Says Hello And Are Respectful Of Each Others Privacy.  
Initially quite cold but once the heat is turn on it is nice and comfortable. The floors are always clean and the people are simple very nice and friendly. It feels very secured, and quiet for effective learning, I will not exchange this environment for anything. The other things I like about the apartment is that the laundry is on the second floor with a TV to catch up on news in case it has been too busy to have a life. The Gym is right in the building, very spacious and easy to access. I know there is also a TV theater space but I have not had the time to use it yet, it is good to have all these in one housing.”

Highland Ridge: Great Place To Live!

It feels like you are living in the luxury of a hotel. With the bonus of having the pool, fitness center, and movie theater open 24 hours. The staff and neighbors are are all very friendly. The underground car wash has proven to be a savior during this super cold winter. When there were problems with noise, the management responded quickly with hiring extra security at night to find the source. And now the new addition of Fitness on Demand in the yoga studio is awesome! Highland Ridge has certainly made my transition from selling and moving from a house to an apartment a smooth one with no regrets.

Highland Ridge Apartments

E Street Flats: Great Spot! Clean, Convenient, Comfortable

E-Street Flats has everything you need. I feel secure and safe in the building. I love the gym downstairs. I am able to keep to myself and get things done without a ton of noise. I love that cable and Internet are included in my rent every month. The laundry room is convenient…just swipe my credit card, rather than worry about how I’m going to get some change for the machines! I enjoy living here and think you will too!

E Street Flats

Genesee: Very Nice, Friendly Staff. Enjoyable

I would say it is worth the price for the comfort and safety of the secure and warm buildings. I would also let them know that it is still an apartment atmosphere so understand that no amount of money will ensure the apartment is completely quiet and free from night-time pool/party go’ers.

Genesee Apartments and Townhomes