Nicest Staff!

As a new resident I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how accommodating the staff are on a daily basis. They are so friendly and sincere! The building manager is more like a concierge and the maintenance manager keeps the place running like a 4 star hotel. This is not just a rental community, it is a very private, high-end lifestyle property. They even have complimentary dog walking!


Woodstone: Great Place to Call Home

It is a beautiful and quiet, private place. It is ideally located to commute to work school in the Twin Cities, even with the city bus there is even a bus going to the MOA around the block . If the rent looks a bit pricy, know that the services provided make it worth it. The swimming pool, the heated parking lot and the spacious balcony are my favorite features. I know that there is a shuttle going to the airport too.

Woodstone Apartments

Hopkins Plaza: Truly Awesome! I Finally am Providing my Sons with a REAL HOME. Thanks

It s like a little private universe all its own. Everybody on staff is super well versed on all aspects of the mini community here on these 2 Hopkins blocks. We are treated with warmth and respect. So many families all well behaving together.!!! LOL!!! TRACE MAKE my day and after my sons super creative introduction of Apollo 13 our service dog residents all call him by name and have discontinued to instantly jump back 15 feet when crossing paths. Hes getting used to it here with not too much yard or being able to put his head on couch and stare out living room window for each family member coming home…we re working on barking..As best we can .I ll bear with us…everything is so clean and it has a almost hotel housekeeping staff ambience. Around here. I m really pinching myself each day to see if it s really true I m living so nicely. Thanks so much Tyler for fast perfection of maintenance for us.

Hopkins Plaza Apartments

Raspberry Woods: Peaceful, Beautiful Homes and Gorgeous Surroundings

Love calling Raspberry Woods home The floor layout is great and we have a private deck facing the woods. I also like having stainless steel appliances, it gives my home an updated look. There are many walking trails around the area that my dog and I really enjoy The management team did a wonderful job helping us find the right place and made us feel welcome. Would highly recommend living here

Raspberry Woods Townhomes

Carver Lake: Love The Location, Security and Amenities!

Proximity to trees, ponds, walks in the woods here is wonderful. Already I have enjoyed watching the wildlife out my back window. Kai, Janet, Mike, and Travis have all been helpful, and have gone above and beyond to be helpful. The neighbors I have met so far seem genuinely nice. The welcoming attitude for pets is a relief and makes one feel more at home. Life here so far has been a lovely, private, secure experience. Can’t wait for Spring and the big thaw so I can explore the area more and enjoy the grounds, walking paths, and pool. (LOVE having a dog park here, it was the deciding factor in choosing a place to live.)

Carver Lake Townhomes

Raspberry Woods: Very Patient, Dependable, Fabulous Office and Grounds Staff

Great place to live and I have several times to people driving through. Close to everything yet quiet and private living. Pertaining to the poor level below, the yard behind my unit is terrible and the wooded area needs to be cleaned up by someone whether it be Raspberry Woods lawn care or the City of Hopkins Parks dept. I don’t know.

Raspberry Woods Townhomes