Very Well Maintained and Beautiful Place to Live

I moved into Parkside this past spring and I have to say I am very impressed with how well they maintain the yard, pool, and building here. This is my first apartment and I was worried because I have a large dog, and I have always heard my friends and family who live in apartments complain about how I takes weeks for them to send someone to fix a problem. Here at Parkside they respond immediately and have such amazing and friendly staff. I also love the paths and the yard around the buildings so I’m able to take my dog on short walks, with the luxury of clean up stations for my dogs mess. Above all I think the apartments are so cute and have large windows that allow us to use less electricity and the price is just right. We searched many places and debated applying but after seeing Parkside we knew right away! Come check it out I promise you wont be disappointed, even my large dog who has lived in houses for 5 years adapted immediately!


Highland Ridge: This Place is Beautiful It’s Like Living in a Resort. We are Very Pleased to be Living Here Again

I recently used the party room for a large gathering and every guest commented on how beautiful the place is. I would say expect to be impressed. Im not saying this just because I work for the company, however its ranked #12 out of 100 pretty impressive. The staff do an excellent job taking care of the property.

Highland Ridge Apartments

York Plaza: Calm and Cozy Apartments. Unbeatable Location. Helpful Maintenance Staff.

We’ve moved in a month ago and so far the experience has improved considerably compared to the move-in. Even the hassles during move-in were due to the fact that there was not enough time between the previous residents moving out and us moving in. The maintenance staff’s diligence in fixing the issues impressed me. There is still the mirror units replacement pending but the lease office has it on it’s radar. I think the leasing office has a lot on its hands but they communicate well and you need to work with them to get what you need, so they are doing a good job as well. So overall our choice of moving into York Plaza has been proved right. My wife and I love the proximity to the Centennial lakes and the overall neighborhood itself. The community is peaceful and we’re thankful there isnt much disturbance due to noise. My wife also loves the kitchen storage space. Some small issues I would think of are: The garage is quite old and needs constant upkeep. The elevator is small so would be a problem moving couches and big items in or out. That said, I would be glad to recommend York plaza to future residents. The new referral policy is impressive šŸ˜‰

York Plaza ApartmentsĀ