Genesee: Amazing Amenities, Wonderful Staff, and Friendly Neighbors.

Great! Love the amenities the apartment complex has to offer as well as the location since you are close to everything you could possibly want to go to. Highly recommend this place to anyone. One of my favorite things are the events that are held by the apartment staff like “Cooking with Kate”. Awesome opportunities to meet everyone and have an entertaining night right at home.

Genesee Apartments and Townhomes

Eagle Creek: Love It, It’s Home

We have lived here for over 10 years. Throughout all the neighbor changes, management changes, etc. we have LOVED living here. This is a real neighborhood community. We have made so many dear friends living here. When someone needs help carrying groceries, or taking out their trash there is always someone there to help. We don’t personally have pets, but it is really nice to know that they are allowed. And it is wonderful having the washer and dryer on the main floor. We also LOVE the pool and party room. There are lots of kids for my kids to play with. And we are located very close to lots of shopping and other living needs. It is really nice that when we have car trouble we can simply walk “next door” to the mechanic shop to pick up our car when it is being worked on. That is something I never even thought of before I lived here, but it has come in handy time and time again. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a real home at rental pricing.

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