Greenfield- Great Place to Call Home!

I only lived here for 1yr, but that is only because I’m moving away from the snow and ice. The staff in the office has been GREAT and the maintenance team is OUTSTANDING! If I ever had a problem (which were very few) they took care of it the same day or next day. If I were not moving out of state, this would be my permanent home.

Greenfield Apartments – My Favorite Place!

Greenfield apartments is my favorite place that I have lived so far. So many memories, wonderful environment and amazing staff members and maintenance crew. I loved walking around the property during summer and used to meet the staff and maintenance crew almost everyday. And I made many friends there when they used to walk their dogs in the morning and evenings. Though I lived there only for 9 months, I grew an attachment to the place and the environment around. And I wish I could visit the place often when possible, just to bring back the memories of those wonderful days.

Greenfield: Nice Safe Place For Families

Quiet and pleasant. But unfortunately the propery are beside land field, and that is the nice view I have in my apartment. Even the office knowing that this would happen they increase the price of rent. So if my friend are interesting I would said also Do not take apartement at North side of the property.

Greenfield Apartments