Genesee- Best Place I’ve Ever Lived!

I love living at Genesee! Moving here is the best decision I ever made. I love everything about Genesee, including the unit I live in, pool, rooftop, business center, free coffee/tea bar, party room, free yoga classes, my balcony, etc. I also love living in this area! I can walk 10 steps out of my front door to get to Fresh Thyme, great outdoor patios in the area, my work is across the street, and it’s a central location to St. Paul and Minneapolis. The staff really cares about every resident. When I didn’t find the perfect unit for my roommate and me, they invited us back a month later to look at more options instead of pressuring us to sign a lease for something we weren’t completely in love with. Thankfully we found the perfect unit because I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

Genesee – Not Just an Apartment – it’s My Home!

Genesee is not just an apartment – it’s my home! And the people who work here are not just caretakers, they are part of my extended family! I’ve lived in many apartment settings over the past decade, in three other states as well as MN, and I have never found a place to live quite like Genesee. Without a doubt – this is the best!

Genesee: A Community Of Its Own, And A Warm Feeling Throughout!

Maryann and Catherine are the best team, and I’m so honored to be a part of it. Genesee is the best place to live, and you guys keep this place beyond amazing and im so thankful for that. Im thanking you two and the Genesee team for the love you push forward daily into your residents and keeping us all a warm and happy Genesee family!

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Genesee: Consistency In Management

I love the Concrete Tower, as I call it. I am fortunate to live on the 8th floor. Quiet. This building has the look and feel of a modern, metropolitan co-op that you might find in NY City, Chicago, or LA. I would have never put this kind of service, ammenities, and curb appeal in Bloomington, MN. The security level is terrific. We have some younger residents here and they have told me that their parents are happy with how safe the environment is for their independent living son or daughter. Because the main lobby area with the community room, theatre room, business center, and mail boxes is so open, it feels like a hotel or conference center versus an apartment building. I think this is a well thought out property. I like the materials used for my unit. I would recommend this place to any person.

Genesee Apartments and Townhomes

Genesee: Love It!

 The Genesee team makes an effort to make it feel “at home”. They have a sense of urgency applied to everything they do, and have been so friendly to me during my stay. The facility is always clean which is extremely important to me, I feel SAFE, and have never had issues with noise or unpleasant neighbors. I would recommend to any person to live here if you are looking for friendly neighbors and a safe/fabulous place to live.

Genesee Apartments and Townhomes