Raspberry Woods: They are Nice- The Staff is Friendly, Helpful and Professional and that Makes a Difference!

I say it’s very nice here. the grounds are kept very clean (except the doggie doo doo beneath my bedroom window is a gross view). It’s peaceful, the staff is exceptional and professional. I’ve lived in places where that doesn’t hold true even though you may pay high dollar for a place, you can still get a ghetto” feeling. The only thing that I could comment on and it’s no fault to the management or any part of the staff is that while taking an early morning walk on the path behind the townhomes their were 2 large dogs unleashed on the path as well. Yes- they ran at me growling and I about crapped my pants. Luckily the owner called them off just inches from my arm and leg. No lie. I won’t be taking walks anymore and I’m bummed about that cause the area paths are great!!!!!!!!

Raspberry Woods Townhomes