E-street Flats: A Quiet Environment Perfect For Studying

Schooling is a large part of my life right now, and studying is something I take very importantly. The study lounge is perfect place to get homework done. I’ve had no complaints about noise in regards to trying to sleep or study. Free wifi and cable is an added benefit and everyone that lives here is extremely friendly.

e-street flats

E Street Flats: This Was The Best First Apartment Ever

This was my first apartment, and I loved it! I hope that anyone looking for an off campus living experience chooses estreet! The workout room makes life super nice, especially for a busy college student!

E Street Flats

E Street Flats: Convenient

Management and maintenance are timely and pleasant. Very convenient for living an efficient student life! The kitchens are slightly small, but overall the apartments are spacious.

E Street Flats