Stonehill- Best Staff

We are very happy with the entire staff at Stuart Co. (Stonehill Apts.)  Roy and his staff do a tremendous job in maintenance.  Steve and Michelle are very helpful whenever we seek answers to questions we might have.  We’ve been residents at Stonehill for 14 years and are very satisfied.  We think that perhaps this is the best staff we’ve seen here and we’re so happy to “Share the Love” with this fine staff.

Superb Staff

I love living here — I’m going on 26 years and have to say our current staff is the best since I have lived here. Our Property Manager, Steve, and Assistant Property Manager, Jill, do everything they can to make Stonehill a great place to live. Steve is the first PM I have seen walking the property to see what needs repaired or improved and what is going on. Jill is right there to answer any questions or will look for the answer if she doesn’t have an immediate answer. The maintenance staff is great! Its great having them working to continue to make Stonehill a great community to live.