Southwest Gables- Concierge service, value pricing

Just reaching out to express how invaluable Tabitha Lane has been to my mother and me, making Southwest Gables a remarkable experience. Tabitha is superbly organized and knowledgeable, but more importantly, a concerned listener. While Tabitha handles the day to day management tasks with poise, what really impresses me is the way she steps in to solve problems. From coaching me through online bill-pay, to clarifying storage questions, to providing notary public services, she creates positive outcomes in an environment of thoughtful engagement and concern. This level of attention is unprecedented for me, and I would encourage future residents to share this experience for themselves.

Southwest Gables- It’s Good to be Home

After over 15 years of living here I do consider this my home. The staff have become almost family. they are always considerate of your wants in all aspects of living in the complex. If you ask for something to be done it is done or a valid reason is given for its exclusion. The complex leaves very little to want for as it is and upgrades to existing facilities are usually in progress. I don’t think for the money you will find any better community and the staff are not replaceable. Again it is HOME with FAMILY.

Southwest Gables- A Place to Call Home

I wanted a place where we could feel safe. [Assistant Property Manager] Tabitha took me up to a second floor apartment. I was impressed by the controlled entry system.

Once we opened the door to the apartment, it was love at first sight, and I knew this was it and would become my eventual home. The laundry room containing a full-size washer and dryer was my favorite room- no more weekend trips to the laundromat!

Six years later, I am still calling Southwest Gables my home. My two cats have adopted the fireplace as their own heat source, and my apartment is known as “Grandma’s Place,” where a ride on the elevator takes you to a spare room full of toys. I cannot imagine another apartment that can equal what we have at Southwest Gables. This is home.