Plaza -Not Just An Apartment

We’re Giving 2 reviews:

Tami-daughter-My parents have lived at The Plaza for almost 4 years. It is not just an apartment to live, it is a community of diverse people and of all ages. There are activities(optional) to involve the residents which has made my parents (age 87 and 91) live actively and independently. Karen, Brittany and Dale have been there to make my parent’s life a happy one since leaving their home. I want to thank everyone for allowing my parent’s to be free of entering a senior place.

Helen/Ed –  We enjoyed moving into The Plaza after leaving our home of 64 yrs where we were so welcomed and immediately involved in the community. The Plaza is a clean, up-to-date residence where our needs are met immediately. We have made friends of all ages and with the courtesy shuttle we can remain active and mobile. Thank you to Karen, Brittany and Dale our in-house StuartCo. staff who are always there for us!!

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