Woodridge: I Love Living At Woodridge

The staff here truly cares about the property and the people that live here. The management has their doors always open to hear suggestions or resolve problems. Stacey Miller our property manager is incredible. She wants to hear from people no matter what the issue is and she does resolve the issues extremely fast or if you just want to stop in and chat. Our maintenance people are very knowledgeable and repair things fast and correctly the first time. In the last year there have been so many improvements. One such improvement is they are replacing windows and patio doors and they are absolutely fantastic. The windows reduce the noise and keep heat in when it’s cold. I love the community atmosphere. We have Christmas parties and assorted other parties. The amenities are great. We have a super clean and warm pool, exercise room is clean and has a variety of machines and there is a play room for little kids. It’s a family friendly building and I feel the people here watch out for each other. Thank you Stuart Co for turning this building around 100% since you took over. I am PROUD to call Woodridge my home and I would recommend it to all my friends.

Woodridge Apartments

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