Genesee: Consistency In Management

I love the Concrete Tower, as I call it. I am fortunate to live on the 8th floor. Quiet. This building has the look and feel of a modern, metropolitan co-op that you might find in NY City, Chicago, or LA. I would have never put this kind of service, ammenities, and curb appeal in Bloomington, MN. The security level is terrific. We have some younger residents here and they have told me that their parents are happy with how safe the environment is for their independent living son or daughter. Because the main lobby area with the community room, theatre room, business center, and mail boxes is so open, it feels like a hotel or conference center versus an apartment building. I think this is a well thought out property. I like the materials used for my unit. I would recommend this place to any person.

Genesee Apartments and Townhomes

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