Woodridge: Great Place to Live

Maintenance: Not long ago my kitchen range died and a newer one was delivered. Works Great! However, It was deeper than the original and the result was I could not get into the kitchen corner storage cabinets under the counter. Mike figured out what hinges would work best and removed and reinstalled the cabinet doors so that they worked as a single unit. Result: I am now able to enter the cabinets as needed. Great Job. Thank you Mike!!! Also Tsegay made repairs in the guest bath. We had what looked like rust leaking from in between the tiles outside of the tub and from behind the woodwork next to the floor He removed the woodwork, painted the wall with mold killing paint, re-caulked and resealed the tile involved. It looks like new. Thank you, Tsegay! All three maintenance people at Woodridge are good at what they do, they clean up their repair messes and are nice people. Please do everything possible to keep them at Woodridge. We are lucky to have all three of them. Thank you.

Woodridge Apartments

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