Parkside: GREAT Place to Live!

I love it! I’m a single father with two kids (12 and 9). We’ve been living at Parkside for just over a year now and I’m so happy with everything about the place, I couldn’t recommend it enough! My apartment itself was all updated (new appliances, carpet, vinyl, etc.) before I moved in. The south facing view from my apartment is wonderful (French Park), the under-ground parking and over-all appearance of the apartments and grounds around them are always kept up and clean. The apartments and grounds are constantly being updated and improved (new carpet, paint, exteriors), the lawns are always mowed and the large, green-spaces available for outdoor activities is much appreciated. The thing I like most is the great location and over-all quietness of living at Parkside. It’s just a comfort to come home and not worry about unruly neighbors or noise, etc. and I feel safe, which is especially important for me with young children. The central, Plymouth location (shopping, roads, parks, etc.) and proximity to French Park is a great bonus! Only thing I would love to see is a kids playground area, that would make it even more inviting to families with kids.

Parkside at Medicine Lake

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