Hopkins Plaza: Friendly and Helpful Staff, Large 1-Bedroom Apts, Great Upkeep, and Clean

 I have lived here one year. I am really happy we chose this apartment building as opposed to something closer to Minneapolis. There are a few express buses on 7th/Excelsior and 7th/Main that run during rush hour, which is a huge plus for commuters. Living within walking distance to the budget theater, the library, grocery, and restaurants is great. There are a lot of children living in the complex, but it is typically a quiet apartment and I rarely hear our neighbors (unless they are in the hallway or outside with the windows open). It’s true that the apartments do have some dated features (our carpeting and plumbing fixtures could use some updating), but it makes up for it with large closets and rooms. The biggest drawback was when we moved in, that our apartment smelled like smoke from the previous tenants. Hopkins Plaza offered to shampoo our carpets again, which is a nice gesture but not particularly helpful (shampooing doesn’t get out smoke smell out of carpeting– baking soda, vacuuming, airing out, washing walls, and time is what worked for us). That is the only major annoyance I can think of. Overall, I would recommend this apartment.

Hopkins Plaza Apartments

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