Raspberry Woods: Great Community, Management and Maintenance Staff

Phenomenal community, amenities, management, and maintenance staff! Perfect square footage and fabulous open floor plan layouts. Very nice exterior and grounds. Only improvement need there is regular patio area and siding cleaning/hose downs (if figuring out a way for residents to access water outside periodically isn’t possible). Inside, the fixtures are kind of dated, but functional and of decent quality for their time. Flooring (carpets, kitchen and bath laminate) has been in pretty rough shape since before I moved in and and should be replaced, but everything else is great! LOVE the size of my garage, rooms, kitchen cabinets, island, walk-in closet, and outdoor space. Also, having a real laundry room instead of the ridiculously cramped or stacked laundry closets most other rental communities opt for is a huge plus.

Raspberry Woods Townhomes

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